Length: 300 pages

all rolled into one straightforward easy to understand textbook

Overviews include materials, processes (such as these pages on Sight Sizing from 3 dimensions), and concepts.

A resource section suggests workbooks, additional homework, drawing tools, and historical notes, such as this page.

by Timothy Rees

A curriculum and detailed description of each class assignment can help students work at home.

Over 100 pages of overviews brings the fundamental classroom information to the reader.

The Academy: Year One: Drawing

Cover of The Academy: Year One: Drawing

The Curriculum & Concepts of an Atelier Drawing Program

This 300 page black and white softcover textbook organizes the Academy student’s first year. While it is not designed to be a stand alone art instruction book, it is an invaluable resource for students attending the Academy, or those interested in a similar pursuit.


The illustrated text is organized into 3 sections.  Section one provides schedules, course descriptions, supply lists, and assignment guidelines.  Section two is filled with illustrated demonstrations and step-by-step guides walking the student through processes first demonstrated in class.   Section three contains exercise workbooks, resource information, working tools, suggested books, and artists for students to research.  It ends with ruled pages for students to take and organize notes from the two lecture courses.  Lacking dazzling graphics and poetic insights into Art, this is a true workhorse book, densely packed with necessary information and demonstrations ranging from topics as simple as how to hold charcoal to the complexity of the entire drawing procedure.



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