Length: 138 pages

this small book makes a great casual read to boost anyone's painting skills


Key lessons taught in the original class are reviewed in detail.

Homework assigned in the original class is explained and offered for those reading at home.

by Timothy Rees

Practical information about materials is sprinkled with the occasional pun.

Artwork by Timothy Rees helps illustrate concepts of balance and composition.

Problem Solving: Simple Solutions for Stronger Paintings

Cover of Problem Solving: Simple Solutions for Stronger Paintings

Lighthearted, Informative, and Easy to Read

Expanded from its original version as an in-class text, this information-packed book takes an empirical approach to solving many of the common challenges associated with oil painting. Exploring aspects such as the effects of materials, lighting, composition, color, and drawing, Tim Rees's "Problem Solving" helps artists get past the technicals of oil painting and get to the business of making art. The book contains 26 black and white plates of the author's work and plentiful illustrations to illuminate the text, taking the reader through the format of Rees's 5 week class taught at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Art in Chicago, IL. This is followed by optional assignments for the reader to complete, as well as an appendix of useful problem solving information that would arise occasionally throughout the course. With concepts that apply across any style of realism, this practical companion is an invaluable tool for those wishing to sort through the complex world of oil painting.



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