Length: 278 pages

and more all rolled into one straightforward easy to understand textbook

Concepts range from paint application, such as this lesson on utilizing ebauche underpaintings, to color topics.

The 21 full step-by-steps of each assignment are derived from the CPB series, and act as the notes for each video.

by Timothy Rees

This softcover textbook includes a curriculum, painting concepts, 21 full length step-by-steps, and useful resources.

The curriculum offers a timetable for completion as well as instructions for each lesson.

The Academy: Classical Painting Course

Cover of The Academy: Classical Painting Course

The Curriculum & Concepts of an Atelier Painting Program

The second year atelier painting program is detailed in this book. The fully illustrated colored textbook is organized into 3 sections. The first section provides schedules, course descriptions, supply lists, and assignment guidelines. The second section details concepts of painting, including materials, types of realism, numerous methods of applying paint, and important information on color. The third section is filled with illustrated demonstrations and step-by-step guides walking the student through processes first demonstrated in class.


The end of the book follows with a glossary of terms, as well as suggested books, magazines, and artists for students to research. With nearly 500 full color images, 21 demonstrations, and tons of information that ties back to the methods and techniques of the old masters, this book provides a new and unique link to the art schools of the past without the cost or time of attending an atelier or school.


From its initial inception, this textbook has grown in content and evolved in format, and now can educate independently from The Academy program.



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